Lansdowne Appliance Gallery Professional Installation Service. Our professional installation service ensures you’ll receive all of the benefits listed below:


We ensure the maximum performance from your appliance by installing it right the first time.


Our technicians are qualified and insured. We will install your appliance according to all local codes, regulations and manufactures guidelines.


We guarantee our workmanship for a period of 90 days.


We offer pre-measurement services to ensure your new built-in appliances fit properly into your home. Call 250-383-1275 for scheduling. Please note there is a service call charge for this service.

What Does Appliance Installation Include?

Lansdowne Appliance Gallery professional third-party installers, licensed and insured as required by applicable regulations, do the following:

  1. Unpack and prepare appliance(s) for installation.
  2. Inspect appliance(s) for any existing damage, defects, and/or code violations.
  3. Temporarily disconnect gas service (when applicable). Requires certified gas installer for this service charge apply.
  4. Disconnect existing appliance(s) not yet disconnected (gas appliances, for example). Requires certified gas installer service charges may apply.
  5. Install or connect any installation kits and parts (when applicable).
  6. Connect new appliance(s) to existing electric, gas and/or water service. Requires certified gas installer service charges may apply.
  7. Level and secure your appliance and install any manufacturer-supplied safety hardware, such as anti-tip brackets if required.
  8. Reconnect gas service and test for any leaks. Requires certified gas installer for this service charge apply.
  9. Test your appliance to make sure it’s performing properly.

Workmanship guaranteed for one year from the date of installation.

What else do I need?

Some basic parts, such as plumbing fittings, sealants, and fasteners will be required with the purchase of a professional installation that we carry. However, there are several parts you will need that are not supplied by the manufacturer.

  • Existing power cords cannot be reused
  • Existing hoses cannot be reused.
  • Existing gas flex lines cannot be reused.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Installation is direct replacement only gas-to-gas, electric-to-electric, to proper existing fittings, valves, service lines, etc.
  • Installation fees do not include permits or additional parts and/or labor beyond standard installation.
  • Additional charges may apply. Examples of additional charges include:
  • Installation of gas appliances typically requires professional installation.
  • Dishwasher installation kits, flex lines, ventless exhaust kits, expansion and reduction adapters, shutoff valves, etc. (if required, but not previously purchased by customer).

Additional labor charges will accrue for any non-standard installation.
Note: Gas appliance installation using an existing flex line is dangerous. Lansdowne Appliance Gallery installers will not connect a gas appliance without a new flex line.

How Do I Purchase Lansdowne Appliance Gallery Professional Installation?

An adult must be present, please schedule installation at a time when a person 18 years of age or older can be present.

Verify power supply, hookups, cords and venting. Many appliances require new hoses, flex lines, cords and all require proper hookups and power supply for us to install them. Be sure to confirm with our service representative that you have everything you need.
Installation kits – be sure to inquire whether an installation kit or additional parts are required to install your particular appliance.
Our Lansdowne Appliance Gallery service dept will contact you the day prior to your appointment to schedule a 2-4 hour time window to perform your installation. In some cases booking can be made well in advance, yet confirmed the day before.
Note: Additional charges may apply and are payable to the installer at the time of installation.
This service is only available to Lansdowne Appliance Gallery customers only unless previously arranged with our service dept. To book this service please call 250-383-1275

Installation Information Specific to Your Appliance:


Installing a new water supply line from water source to refrigerator.
Refrigerators requiring new waterline hookups (those with ice makers, water dispensers and/or water filtration) typically require professional installation if no waterlines exist. Please note this service requires a professional plumber. Our install techs do not provide this service at this time. However we do have a contract service that can assist. Please contact us for details on this service.

Ranges (Gas):

Product placed where requested, if accessible.
Certified gas installer is required. (Subject to permits)
Connections will only be made to a new gas flex line (purchased separately).
Liquid propane conversion available as an extra service (Additional charges apply).


Disconnection and removal of your old dishwasher from existing utilities (electrical and plumbing).Removal may require additional charges when multi-layered flooring is present.

A dishwasher hookup kit is suggested to ensure top performance. Reusing existing hoses could result in water damage to your home.


Product placed where requested, if accessible.
Gas products require a certified gas installer. (Subject to permit)
Connections will only be made to a new gas flex line (purchased separately).
Requires certified gas fitter.
Connect dryer venting if it is new and metal.
Liquid propane conversion available as an extra service.


Installation of over-the-range microwaves only available